「WORLD CLASS」の記念すべき20回目・5周年を記念しYELLOW CLAWの来日が決定!


日本にTRAP/BASSミュージックシーンが根付く以前から世界の「今」を体現し、その音楽を伝えるために生まれたパーティー「WORLD CLASS」

ヘッドライナーは我らが”YELLOW CLAW”!
2016年、衝撃の初来日から丸4年、2020年にニューアルバム「Never Dies」をリリースし勢いに乗る彼らが、ホームageHaにて今回も圧巻のプレイが期待される!

そしてWORLD CLASSの歴史を彩ってきた豪華ラインナッップが集結!

Even before the trap/bass scene took root in Japan, World Class has been showcasing the hottest musical acts to break into the global spotlight. And now, an electrifying five years have passed since its inception in 2015, with the party's fifth anniversary celebration set to explode in the middle of Japan's longest string of holidays - Golden Week!

Headlining will be eternal dance legend Yellow Claw! Four years have elapsed since the duo's momentous first visit to the Land of the Rising Sun in 2016 - and they're more than
ready to make up for lost time with a slew of massive floor-busters!

Also expect a stunning support lineup of local heroes who have helped build the World Class legacy! The door to a new age opens now!